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Welding and Fabrication

We can manufacture components or complete frames out of steel, stainless steel, aluminum tubing, pipe and specialty material. Along with our expert team of frame welders and machinists, IMC has established many valued partnerships with our vendors to be able to offer a complete turn-key service to our customers. Whether your job is a full or sub assembly, let IMC build your job to your specifications.

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Nashville welding services
Nashville fabrication services

Our fabrication shop has been a consistent and reliable fabricator for many projects throughout the world. Some of the items we have fabricated in our shop have included the following:

  • Large Duct runs
  • Fan housings
  • New and replacement equipment for heavy industrial use
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Conveyors and chute works
  • Structural steel and platforms
  • Train engine frames, fuel tanks and cabs
  • Hydroelectric penstocks, trash racks, bellmouths and stairways
  • Large drag/reclaim conveyors
  • Baghouses
  • Silos and hoppers
  • Cones, liners, Cyclones and piping
  • Field and shop tanks

Services in the fabrication shop include:

  • Metal working of aluminum, carbon and stainless steels
  • Shearing capacity 3/4" plate x 12' width
  • Breaking capacity 1/2" x 18'
  • rolling capacity 1" x 10'
  • Iron worker punching, shearing and coping
  • CNC automated flame cutting of plate to 8"
  • CNC automated plasma cutting of plate to 3 1/4" thick
  • Multiple part cut off band saws
  • large multiple shop bays with overhead cranes
  • Outside staging area for preshipping, fit up, and staging

We also offer around-the-clock coverage (7) days a week and Emergency Services Available.